Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Montreal Canadiens right winger Alexei Kovalev shoots vulcanized rubber disk into a 4'x6' framed net during an NHL game resulting in an official goal.

And what an artistic goal it was—a shorthanded one-timer off the post off a perfect faceoff win by C Robert Lang. Forget the fact that the Habs lost the game to Carolina, 3-2. Or that the Hurricanes were 3 for ELEVEN on the powerplay as Montreal spent more than a third of the game shorthanded. Or that the Habs (16-9-5) had exactly ONE (1) PP opportunity. Or that this was as blatant a case of anti-Canadien (or anti-Canadian, if you will) refereeing as you'll ever see. No. All that matters is that the talented, beautiful Alex Kovalev ended his 6-week scoreless slumber. NOW, the TEAR starts. Notes: ex-useless-Hab Sergei Samsonov had two assists...When Andrei Markov's batted-in goal was officially disallowed, the 'Canes gave their goal horn a short blast. You stay classy, Raleigh. Next game: tomorrow vs. the very badly hated Flyers.


Anonymous said...

Too bad he couldn't net the equalizer in the dying seconds. Markov got robbed.

copyranter said...

Agreed. Once the refs blew the call on the ice, the Habs were doomed.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, the reffing wasn't all that bad. Most of the penalties were lazy, stupid, selfish and totally deserved. The only one that had me seething was when Gleason tripped Tanguay, fell over his skates, and Tanger went instead. Brutal.

We deserved to lose this because of the team's general lack of discipline, and some shockingly-inept blown defensive coverages. The only d-man who didn't make a mistake directly resulting in a goal was Gorges. Hamrlik was AWFUL, and Breeze was Breeze. Guys were over-committing, failing to rotate was a horror show. They should show this video to kids showing how not to defend.

Loved Kovy's goal...didn't like his o-zone penalties too much, though.

- Sean
The Ship Be Sinking

copyranter said...

Yeah, most of them were penalties. My problem was that the Canes were doing a lot of interfering that wasn't being called. If they were going to call a close game, call it both ways.