Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Canadiens 4, Flames 1.

Though the Flames spent large, extended periods of time in the Habs (16-6-5) zone in all three periods, a combination of inept offensive play and excellent goaltending by rust-free Jaroslav Halak meant a comfortable Montreal win. A new Lang (2 Gs) Kovalev Tanguay line put up seven points, and rook Matt D' Agostini's 4th goal in four games was an unassisted breakaway of beauty (video). Notes: Habs now 4-0-1 on the homestand...After an 0-3 night, the Canadiens' "power"play stretch now at 5-63...Mat Dandenault, who was playing some dandy D, suffered a broken arm, which probably means a return of O'Burnnnnn (O'No)...Next game: tomorrow vs. Tampa Bad...(honestly, an image of a stovetop burner would make a better Calgary logo than the current ugly flaming 'C')


Anonymous said...

Well, the Lightning game sure was awful, wasn't it?

Random question: How many other teams' lineups would Ryan O'Byrne be able to crack? Or Gui!? Or SK74 on current form?

copyranter said...

O'Burnnn shouldn't be in the NHL. He needs to go to the pond and hold his mommy's hand until he learns to skate a little better.