Monday, December 8, 2008

Devils 2, Canadiens 1, OT.

A day late, and I'm busy as shit at work...but the Habs (15-6-5) deserved to lose in regulation to the stupid, boring, trapping, stupid Devils. They were 0-5 on the PP (5-60 now), and if it wasn't for Matt D'Agostini's (3 Gs in 4 games) 1st period rebound gift goal, Montreal would have been shutout by some goalie not named Brodeur (who had played 41 straight games against the Canadiens). Next game: tomorrow against the Flames. (click for actual 100% authenticated photo of the Jersey Devil, via. My counselors used to scare the fucking shit out of us little ones with JD stories at kiddie camp in the NJ pine barrens.)

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