Saturday, January 30, 2010

My bad feelings about the Florida swing weren't nearly bad enough. God, it was a two-game orgy of shit-ass hockey by the Habs. No offense, giveaways, mediocre goaltending (at least by Price against Tampa Bay). I hate fucking Florida, stupidest state in the union, well except for maybe Texas. Montreal sure as shit ain't a playoff team now. They definitely miss Andrei Kostitsyn. Next game: today, Hockey Day in Canada, against the hot-as-fuck Senators. Loss? Loss.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


That's was fun Saturday night, wasn't it Ranger fans? Your "King" Henrik can't seem to stop a beach ball at the Bell Centre, eh? I just stopped laughing about that game. AnyClown, tonight vs. the Panthers begins the ol two-game swing through the Sunshine State, continuing tomorrow eve in Tampa Bay. Got a bad feeling about this trip, so gotta get the buffoonery in now.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Also: The Canadiens actually fucking beat a good team, and beat them at their own defensive game. Benoit Pouliot scored again. Jaro Halak was superb. Habs had lost six straight to the fucking Devils. Next Game: tonight, vs. the fucking Rangers.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Canadiens' SHIT weekend.

First, Saturday night at home, Carey Price let in two SHIT goals, and got completely outplayed by Ottawa rookie netminder Mike Brodeur. Then, Sunday here in NYC, the Habs, despite playing like SHIT, found themselves with a 2-0 lead after a period. They responded by getting outshot 15 to fucking 2 in the second stanza on the way to a blowout loss. With ten minutes left in the game, Montreal had a total of 12 SHITTY shots on goal. Two teams they needed to beat, two SHIT games. Nice big pile of SHIT of a weekend, brun, blanc, and rouge. Next game: tomorrow vs. the Blues. (pic: "Complex Shit," a big inflatable shitpile sculpture by Paul McCarthy via)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I like Benoit Pouliot.

Gui Latendresse may someday play big for somebody, but right now, I'm liking this trade with the Wild. The 6-3 Pouliot has 4G in his last six games, while showing good hands (see above) and a good playmaking head. Did the Habs finally get the better of a deal (remember and bleed with me: Langway, LeClair, Lemieux, Roy, Chelios, Gomez [jury's still out, but the contract alone is unforgivable])? Hopefully, he's not another Pacioretty or D'Agostini who both showed flashes last year, and who've both been wastes of ice space this season.
Meanwhile the team is beating all the teams they're supposed to beat, and losing to all the teams they're supposed to lose to. Which, if the trend doesn't change, means they'll be fighting for the 7th or 8th spot right to the wire. Without their PP and G Halak, they'd be 69-ing the Leafs (sic) in the cellar.
Two big games, today vs. the Sens and tomorrow at the Garden vs the Rangers (not going this year. here's pics from last January).