Friday, December 5, 2008

Canadiens 6, Rangers 2.

(Haha cutie, your precious Gotham icemen got steamrolled! BooHoo!!!)
I only caught the third period of last night's seeming Total Team Effort. And honestly, after I found out that the Habs (15-6-4) 4-2 lead had once been 4-zip, I was feeling a bit queasy. But Robert Lang's tap-in goal in the first minute of the third—set up by two beautiful passes by Kovalev And Markov—eased my nerves...three in a row, baby! And look at that score sheet! SIX even strength goals. 39-20 shot advantage. Josh Gorges +4. Team effort indeed. And how 'bout D'Agostini's twisted wrister?!? That'll teach you, "King Henrik," to sit back in your net like a lazy pretty king. I think the Habs should now wear those unwashed throw-back uni's every game until they lose again. Next game: tomorrow vs. the evil Jersey Devil(s). (image via)

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