Saturday, November 15, 2008

Your Saturday Stupidity.

THN blogger Ryan Dixon says Sheldon Souray is 007 cool. I think he's forgetting SS's uncool penchant for passing pucks to the enemy.
The Habs will be dressed like the "Old Lamplighter" Hector Blake tonight against the Flyers. "TOE BLAKE, OLD-TIME HOCKEY!"
"Puck Daddy" has a man-crush on Milan Lucic. Men you have man-crushes on: actors, authors, world leaders. Men you do not have man-crushes on: hockey players.
Stupid Hab fans are obviously cheat-voting for the all-star game. You do not own the game, Quebec.
FYI—I once hit both posts scoring a goal in the highly regarded Freehold, NJ street hockey league.

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