Monday, November 17, 2008

Canadiens 3, Blues 2, SO.

Alex "what's my motivation?" Kovalev's roofed backhand was the most nonchalant goal in NHL shootout history, and improbably gave the Habs (10-4-2) a huge two points. Just as it looked like Montreal was going to be outscored by career minor-leaguer Steve Regier, Robert Lang (5Gs) temporarily found his shooter's touch, batting in his own rebound to tie the game with 4 minutes left in regulation. The Habs were 0-fer fucking 10 on the PP, and now sport a nifty 0-20 streak. I could start a useless rant about what a hollow husk of a team Montreal currently is, but Brooklynite Gino Tomac commenting on this FourHabsFans post did it for me. A highlight: "Gui! (Latendresse)...figure out if you're 240 pounds of forward or labia." Notes...speaking of pounds, former Hab netminder and current Blues goaltending coach Rick Wamsley has packed on the ex-player meal money nicely...Blues TV color man and NHL HOFer Bernie Federko's got himself some sweet endorsement kale rolling in pitching a local St. Louis cabinet game: tomorrow at (North) Carolina. (pictured: Blind Lemon Jefferson, the best named bluesman in American history, slightly edging out Lead Belly Ledbetter.)

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