Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rubber Bullet Points, 11/26/08.

Deadspin covers hockey! Of course, it's a picture of passed-out Flyer prospect James Van Riemsdyck with a penis drawn on his face.
Darcy Tucker injured his knee and is out four weeks. God, that breaks my fucking heart.
Energizer is the official battery of the NHL. MYFO celebrates by getting a 5-year-old to help them with Photoshop.
If Detroit scores three goals tonight, the Habs will lose.
Photo of pro-Palestinian activist shot in head by Israeli troops with a rubber bullet (looks like Keith Magnuson after a fight with anybody) via.

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Tom said...

If Riemsdyck can make the NHL with that physique, maybe I have a chance after all.

(you just KNOW that the guy who shot that rubber bullet high-fived his buddy and screamed "headshot!")