Saturday, January 3, 2009

Devils 4, Canadiens 1.

(image: a sieve)
Jaroslav Halak has been an acceptable backup goalie to Carey Price this season. But last night against New Jersey, he sucked Satan's sweaty stinky sack. The first two Devil goals went straight through the leaky Halak. And with the Habs (21-10-6) missing an entire offensive line to injuries, well, pray that Price doesn't get seriously hurt. But in Halak's defense, many of the forwards took a night off from backchecking (right, AK46?), and many of the defensemen's breakout passes were sloppy. Montreal's only goal was 2007 #1 pick (and U of Michigan product) Max Pacioretty's first NHL tally, set up by a beaut of a carom pass by Kyle Chipchura. Notes: The double-shifted Alex Kovalev played 22+ minutes and was often dangerous with 6 SOGs...third goalie Marc Denis saw his first action of the year, replacing Halak for the third period (1G against)...Next game: tomorrow afternoon vs. the not-hated Panthers...

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Anonymous said...

Marc Denis may finally get his shot tomorrow versus the Rags!