Thursday, January 8, 2009

Canadiens 6, Rangers 3.

(click pic) I was at the Garden last night, in the 3rd row, and had a perfect view of the Habs (23-10-6) lighting up Henrik "The King" Lundqvist like a fucking pinball machine. I'll do a longer post on this game Saturday, with many more pics by Georgina. In the meantime, here's the Max Lapierre line gracefully turning up ice in unison. Next Game: tonight! Against the hated Leafs (sic). I smell rivalry trouble.


Anonymous said...

dude how did you get those excellent seats? Love the site. What did you think of last night's victory over Toronto, most specifically Yannick Weber's debut with the big club?

copyranter said...

Toronto's goonery was laughable. Weber looked comfortable, but I think we need to see him in a close game. He's got a shot, that for sure.