Friday, April 10, 2009

Habs clinch.

Yip fucking pee. In a probable 1st round preview, Montreal (41-29-11) backed into the playoffs with a 5-4 OT loss to the Bruins and asshole Milan Lucic who can't take a clean hit. Matt D'Agostini snapped in two goals. Alex Kovalev stayed hot. And the supposedly mortally-wounded Mathieu Schneider played and blasted home a PP slapper. But without Andrei Markov, their best player+, the Habs are gonna need B's goalie Tim Thomas to come up Lilliputian and Carey Price to come up Brobdingnagian to advance. Still, there's that Montreal/Boston playoff history to consider...or, they'll face the Capitals.


Anonymous said...

hey Habs fan extraordinaire,
We are two marketers coming into NYC for the next 5 days, wondering where we can catch the first two play-off games in a restaurant/pub, etc.
Sorry that you hate us already being marketers an all... But we are grateful to you for the info.
Never used a blog before. Will you just "post" the answer on here?!

copyranter said...

sorry, I have NHL Center Ice, so I watch them at home. Have no idea where to go in NYC.

Unknown said...

Dear all of us Habs fans in NYC.
You're not going to find a bar in NYC that's going to play a habs game instead of a Yankees/Mets game.

Copyranter: Not only are we the two most prominent habs fans in NYC, including avid commenters on, we're also connected in a completely different way. i was the head writer for IFC's daily web series "Lunchbox" and I wrote an entire episode on your copyranter website.

Kooky. Let me know if you ever want to watch a game. It's be nice to use the word habs around someone who actually knew what the fuck i was talking about.

copyranter said...

Gino, wow, small fucking world.