Thursday, April 23, 2009


Unknown said...

Well there goes hanging out to watch a game.
Fucking Habs!

Here's some questions, who do you resign? would you rather have koivu and kovalev at around 10 million combined, or would you rather pay 7 million for gaborik?

Keep komisarek for 5 million or pay 7.5 for bouwmeester?

sign a guy like conklin to bring in a veteran presence to price and risk losing halak?

remember when higgins and plekanec were the future? What the fuck happened there?

Unknown said...

Gomez...our new 8 million dollar center. I want Bob Gainey's head on a plate with Houle's dick speared through it.

Dumbest trade in 15 years.
Gainey is making it hard for me to remain a Habs fan.

copyranter said...

Yeah, I don't mind losing Higgins, but...Sather must have some compromising pics of Gainey and...somebody/something. Maybe Gomez will surprise, but doubtful.