Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lazy Habs Let Bruins Have A Point in 4-3 SO Win.

Not a good sign—how many times did we see this bullshit at the Bell Centre last season? The Habs bang in a couple of quick goals, and then just stop fucking skating? Price saved their asses in the shootout. I know it's early on, but home-ice laziness is a virus. Saku Koivu blamed the ghosts for the lackluster effort, saying they were obviously drunk during the pre-game festivities. Next up: Saturday vs. the Coyotes.
And in embarrassing ex-Canadiens news, Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios thinks singer Joe Elliot from god-awful Def Leppard purposely disrespected hockey by placing Lord Stanley's Cup upside-down on stage during the league's god-awful opening night ceremonies in Detroit.

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