Friday, December 3, 2010

No NHL Center Ice means no blogging.

I can't blog if I can't watch. Instead, I'm listening to the terrible play-by-play calls of CJAD's Rick Moffat and the even terrible-er monochromatic commentary of ex-Hab and 1986 ring bearer (though he DNP in the playoffs) Sergio Monotone Momesso (above) on my MacBook. If I buy the second half NHL TV package, I'll resume blogging.
My take on the season so far (I've only watched four games)? Price, amazingly solid, O, adequate, D, surprisingly pretty good—but without Markov or somebody else significant by trade, not good enough for the playoffs. Tomas Plekanec has become a superb two-way player—which frankly shocks me (I was an early, heavy detractor.). The Habs impressive record to this point is mostly due to The East being even weaker than usual. My girlfriend looks at me listening to a hockey team on a laptop, and just smiles at how stupid that is. GO HABS GO!


G. Genova said...

i told you i would get you center ice for christmas, if you want it.

Curt said...

Been reading your blog for a couple years now and it entertains me. Check this site out you can stream the games. I use it when my girlfriend is watching tv and a game is on.

Hope it works out. No Hab fan should be stuck listening to that crap.