Sunday, April 4, 2010

HaBlock. HaLock. Forget it.

I can't think of a good nickname for Jaroslav Halak, The Only Reason The Habs Are Most Likely Making The Playoffs This Year. (There, how bout that one? It's a little lengthy.) 24 hours. 120 minutes. 0 goals. 2 huge wins. Friday at Philly, he was Epic. Five shutouts on the season, now. Carey Price, you sit there and sulk on the bench all you want, pretty boy. Jaro's flopping, ugly, Dominator Dominik Hasek style is hard to watch, and hard to put a puck past. Next game: Tuesday @ the Islanders.

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bbbritt. said...

how could you not think of a nickname for's ssso obvious: HALAK the SLOVAK ;)