Monday, February 8, 2010

I was kidding about the cat turds, Bob.

Really, I was. As a player, Bob Gainey was invaluable. As a GM, he has been, uh, let me be kind—inconsistent. He resigned today, which maybe saved Jaro Halak. Sorry, Bobo, but the Scott Gomez trade will haunt and hinder this team for the next four years (unless Montreal can find a bigger sap). Now if only the clueless Jacques Martin would follow him out the door.

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Unknown said...

I turned down 2 free tickets behind the glass for a game in March. Why? Because I don't want to watch Gill give the fucking puck away on every shift, or watch Price cough up a shitty goal, or see Gomez take the puck in alone, wait for support, until he finally loses the puck. I also don't want to watch Sergei Kostitsyn get into the slot with the puck and look for a pass instead of shooting the puck. I don't want to watch our powerplay pass the puck around in an expected manner and only take shots from the blueline instead of once, just once making a play near the net. And finally, I don't want to go to the game because it only reminds me that Pierre Gauthier is just a shittier version of Bob Gainey.