Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Leafs (sic) 3, Canadiens 0.

Last night, Montreal (12-13-2) was blanked by one of the very worst defensive teams in the league, at home. While the Habs blogs wearing rose-colored glasses point to the injuries, I again point to the off-season moves, every one of which was a monumental mistake (Yes, I said this at the time). Because, besides Andrei Markov, none of the sidelined players is Doug Harvey or Maurice Richard or even Pierre Mondou. As I said in October, this is solidly a .500 hockey team. G Carey Price, who's played quite well recently, can't cover the opposing forwards skating freely in his zone, or backcheck, or hit somebody, or complete a headman pass or FINISH. Next game: tomorrow at Buffalo, followed by Boston at home on Friday. I don't see a win.


Unknown said...

What are the chances we make the playoffs this year CR?

I still fucking hate the Gomez contract. I'd trade him for the body of the guy that Heatley killed in that car accident oh so long ago.

copyranter said...

I'd say about 33%.

Anonymous said...

Wow so much Canadiens fan in the arena wow