Monday, November 2, 2009

Canadiens fans are f*cking idiots.

Luckily, both Mike Cammalleri and Scott Gomez followed the scouting report and beat Leafs' (sic) goalie Vesa Toskala high glove-side in the shootout to rescue the too-early serenading buffoons. So, this unremarkable, uninteresting Habs team sits unremarkably at 7-7, right where they should be. This is an incredibly boring team to watch; therefore, because of that, and because I'm busy as fuck at my ad job, I will from here on out only be updating this blog when major develops surface. Go. Habs. Gozzzzzz (yes, I'll still be watching most nights, video via Puck Daddy).


Unknown said...

So I didn't pick up Center Ice for the first time in ever, really. And apparently, it was the smartest thing I've done in ages.

This team sucks so much. It just hurts watching the highlights. Like actual physical pain....

What the fuck are we going to do this year?

copyranter said...

I'll be getting into the English Premier League more than usual.