Saturday, March 28, 2009

I bought this chair from the Torture Museum in Amsterdam for $3.5 million to sit in to watch the rest of the season.

(click image) I got a firsthand look at this baby three years ago. It's called the Inquisition Chair, and was designed to cause excruciating pain over your entire body; so, perfect for watching this fucking Habs (38-27-9) team. Thursday eve vs. the Lightning, Montreal played a rare passionate game. Though they led only 1-0, the Canadiens outshot Tampa 24-8 through two periods. Then, Gui Latendresse did this, and I exhaled. Then, two lucky bounces later, the game was in overtime, and I was in shock. Luckily Saku Koivu got a lucky bounce of his own to salvage the night. So, two points up on ninth place Florida with eight to play. Next game: tonight vs. Buffalo (five points back). I'll be strapping myself in.


Anonymous said...

Does this thing come as part of the new Center Ice package? it should.

lawlis42 said...

Hey, Habs Fan - Last night ought to have given you a least a little buyers remorse for that chair.

copyranter said... buyer's remorse, but the pain felt SO good last night.