Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This stupid Tuesday.

Some Montreal journalist has started an online petition begging the Canadiens to allow Montrealer William Shatner to "sing" the National Anthem(s) before a Habs game this season. I say wait for an important playoff game and trot him out like the Flyers used to do with Kate Smith. If they win, keep him coming. If they lose? Ban him from the city for life. (image via)
MeltYourFaceOff points me to a St. Louis Blues promo called "Fannie and Freddie Mortage Saturdays" where one fan in attendance wins four months of home or rent payments. That's just fucking depressing.
Four pretty New York Rangers—Lundqvist, Naslund, Drury, and Gomez—put on some pretty power suits and skated pretty powerfully for a pretty photo shoot for pretty Men's Journal magazine. So pretty. So powerful.
The Shiba puppy cam. Internet Klonopin®.

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Number31 said...

OMG SHIBAS! *dies from the cuteness*