Friday, November 14, 2008

Bruins 6, Canadiens 1.

Boston emphatically ended Montreal's 12-game regular season winning streak against them last night. And it was worse than the score. I was speechless. I am speechless. So here's what other Habs (9-3-2) blogs had to say about the painful game:
"I have a message for our defense: pylons are usually orange."
Plan the parade? "There better be a goddamn parade of Canadiens puking over the boards because Carbo skates them into the ground..."
"An evil night. An evil, Edgar Allan Poe, raven night."
"I turned off the game and played with my Wii..."
OK, I've thought of something to say: why is Ulf Samuelsson fucking blogging? Next game: tomorrow vs. Flyers.

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